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“Post 41”

Post 41”  is published by the Heritage of Mei Ho House to showcase the collected artefacts and stories (Mei Ho House was Block H when the first eight resettlement blocks were built in 1954, and it was renamed to Block 41 when Shek Kip Mei Estate was reconstructed). Apart from sharing and introducing our cultural and community activities, we also hope to unfold the unpublished oral history by rebuilding the invaluable collective memories of  Hongkonger so that more people could learn about local Hong Kong history.

We wish “Post 41” could preserve the humanistic values of the community by passing down the stories of Hong Kong and Hongkongers.

You may collect one from the Heritage of Mei Ho House. Apart from issuing “Post 41”, the Museum provides e-news service by sending out its latest news to subscribers. If you would like to receive our e-news, please register   here.

“Post 41” Issue No. 11 (Jan – Apr 2020)

“Post 41” Issue No. 10 (Sep – Dec 2019)

“Post 41” Issue No. 9 (May – Aug 2019)

“Post 41” Issue No. 8 (Jan – Apr 2019)

“Post 41” Issue No. 7 (Oct – Dec 2018)

“Post 41” Issue No. 6 (Jul – Sep 2018)

“Post 41” Issue No. 5 (Apr – Jun 2018)

“Post 41” Issue No. 4 (Jan – Mar 2018)

“Post 41” Issue No. 3 (Oct – Dec 2017)

“Post 41” Issue No. 2 (Jul – Sep 2017)

“Post 41” Issue No. 1 (Apr – Jun 2017)