• Is the whole guided tour held inside Heritage of Mei Ho House (HMHH)?

    No. Our guided tours introduce to the public how the historical, architectural, cultural and social significance of the Grade 2 historic building Mei Ho House is conserved. The Tree, Front Courtyard, Guestroom (depends on occupancy), Back Courtyard and HMHH are all included in the itinerary. At the end of the tour, the docent will briefly introduce HMHH and dismiss the tour in unit 1 of HMHH.

  • Can I do any phone booking of the guided tour?

    No, we only accept online booking in advance. There is no other booking system available. For booking details, please refer to

  • We are a group of 30 people. Would you please arrange a guided tour for us either at noon or afternoon?

    No, We do not provide extra guided tour service to any groups. You may consider to book our exclsuive private guided tour in needed. Learn more

  • I selected a wrong date when making guided tour online booking. How should I do?

    You have to do online booking again and cancel the wrong booking by email ( as soon as possible. Thank you!

  • Inclement Weather Arrangements
    Tropical cyclone warning signal – No. 8 or above

    Heritage of Mei Ho House (HMHH) will be closed and remain closed if the signal is lowered less than 2 hours before the normal closing time.

    Black rainstorm warning signal

    If the warning is issued during HMHH’s normal opening hours, HMHH will remain open. If the warning is issued before opening hours, HMHH will be closed until the warning is cancelled. If the warning is cancelled less than 2 hours before normal closing time, HMHH will remain closed.

  • Can our group pay a visit to HMHH without any reservation?

    We do NOT recommend you to do so. Usually, a walk-in group has to queue for more than 60 minutes and not a whole group is allowed to enter MHMM at one time (due to the limited capacity). Conversely, successfully reserved group could enjoy:

    • No queue
    • Safety and Comfort (According to statistics, lower visitor flows are in the following two timeslots: from Tuesday to Friday, 11:45-12:45 in morning and 14:45-15:45 in afternoon. That’s why we select the entire time slots to be the group visit sessions)
    • No rush. The whole group can enjoy plenty of visiting time

    ​For applying for group visit, please click here.