Decades passed and residents of Mei Ho House have parted, but those collective memories remain. With the formation of Mei Ho House Alumni Network, Hong Kong Youth Hostels Association (HKYHA) aims at reuniting past residents,archiving their stories and reviving a sense of community and neighbourliness. By gathering people interested in the indigenous Hong Kong culture, we also hope to preserve and pass down the historical, cultural, architectural and humanistic values embodied by Mei Ho House through various kinds of cultural and educational activities.


  • To strengthen neighbourhood bonding
  • To maintain community harmony
  • To share daily life experience
  • To generate resilience in society
  • To foster humanistic values
  • To manifest Hong Kong Spirit

“Whenever I walked down the corridor on my way to work and home, I would say hello to the old lady next door!”

Mrs. Law (who moved into Mei Ho House in the 1980s)

“When students couldn’t afford their school fees, which had to be submitted to the government on time, teachers often paid for the students.”

Mr. Wong (headmaster of a primary school in Shek Kip Mei in the 1960s)

“Our Chaozhou* neighbours next door used to put a pot of congee outside their flat. As a child I would have a spoonful of it when I was hungry, and they didn’t mind at all.”

* Chaozhou is a city in Guangdong province of China
Ms. Tsui (who moved into Mei Ho House in the 1950s)