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Just bring a few coins and explore the world! Everyone can be a backpacker – decide your own itinerary and there’s no schedule to follow.

YHA Backpacker Pro Recruitment*
Organized by the Hong Kong Youth Hostels Association (HKYHA), is a follow-up activity after Ngong Ping Charity Walk 2015. All winners are entitled a 5 days 4 nights backpacking trip to Singapore with a round-trip economy class ticket, travel insurance, free accommodation at Hangout@mt.emily (under Hostelling International) and a travel allowance of HK$2,500 sponsored by HKYHA.

Click their names below to see what special missions they have completed in the Merlion city:

Choi Lai Kin / Lee Yiu Man / Ng Chun Lun / Tsang Wai Yan [Chinese versions only]

*YHA Backpacker Pro Recruitment

As HKYHA strives to encourage travelers to explore the world, “YHA Backpacker Pro Recruitment” is a follow-up competition for young people after Ngong Ping Charity Walk (NPCW) 2015. All participants are required to complete 10km/17km/23km and submit a five-day Singapore backpacker itinerary. The program aims to help the youth establish a positive attitude towards life and give a confidence to step out of their comfort zones – explore the world!

Among the large number of videos, photos and reports we received, the above 4 “Backpackers Pro” were selected for their perfect planning and backpackers’ passion. Congratulations again!