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Japan has always been a top travel destination for global tourists. But here are 8 funny facts of Japan which even expert travelers who have visited this adorable Asian country for many times may not notice! Check them out:


1. Bus drivers are also professional DJs

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Buses in Japan are recognized by its single deck and their drivers’ unique job scope. Japanese bus drivers are not only responsible for bringing the passengers to their destinations, but they also make announcements with their hand-free microphone! Cheerfully they greet passengers with “Ko-ni-chi-wa (Hello)” when they board, “Careful, please hold the handrail!” when they turn the corner and “Arigatou (Thank you)” when passengers get off. How cute! That means if you want to become a qualified Japanese bus driver, the first basic requirement is, your hands should work perfectly well with your brain and your mouth!


2.The pretty Japanese cashiers are always so talkative

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After going on a crazy shopping spree in this shopper’s paradise, we arrive at the cashier and realize we have fallen into a one-way conversation with Ms. Cashier – YES, even if she knows clearly that you don’t speak the language, she still insists on informing you about every step she takes. “Miss, this is an M-size for you”, “I’ll fold it into the bag now”, “You fit this perfectly”. (Imagined script) Well, how can we not admire these Japanese cashier beauties for their unrivalled perseverance (stubbornness?!)?


3. Gigolos (male prostitutes) are seen everywhere

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Like most Asian societies, the Japanese people often give us a traditional/conservative impression. But towards the other extreme, they can actually be more open-minded that you can ever think of! When you wander around Kabukicho in Tokyo (the red light district) or Shinsaibashi in Osaka, even during the day, you will see male prostitutes openly fishing for customers.

It’s very easy to spot them, as they all have the same “golden long hair” that reaches the shoulder. But just one doubt – we have never seen them successfully hooked up, can they really make a living?


4. Women-only Train Cars

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[GIRLS ONLY] To combat lewd conduct on trains, railway companies in Japan have implemented women-only cars on their trains. Normally, the car is designated near the middle section of the train. The shocking pink indications marked on the platforms and train doors also make it easy to find. As a girl, I cannot welcome this policy more because the best part of it is apparently the no-more-sardine mornings!


5. Taxis are also graded

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In general, Japanese taxis are classified into different colours based on their operating companies. There are a total of 3 sizes (large/medium/small) and taxi rates vary slightly between them. But apart from the ordinary ones, there is a kind of special taxi called “ハイヤー”. They are usually black in color and rates are said to be 3 times higher than usual. They do not entertain roadside passengers and only accept prior bookings. Passengers are usually senior officials, important clients and people who claim office expenses. Normal people may also use them, but only for weddings or funerals.


6. Tokyo to the left, Osaka to the right

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When we take escalators in Hong Kong, we all know that the stand-on-the-right rule. The same rule applies to Osaka. But when it comes to Tokyo, it’s time we twisted our brains! Because in the capital they say the opposite – “the left is for standing, and the right is for walking”. How confusing! For those who visit Tokyo and Osaka in a row, don’t forget to stay alert and clear your minds every day!


7. Wearing a kimono is not easy as you think

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Tourists all love to wear kimonos and pretend local, but do you really know how to wear a kimono properly? The correct way, as a Japanese friend shared with us, is to wrap the right side of the kimono over your body, and then overlap it with the left side. Caution! The right piece must be underneath. Otherwise, it would become grave clothes/cerement. Ooops, did I do it wrong last time?


8. Traditional Japanese-style hotels

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Instead of grand and lux hotels, backpackers today tend to shift to the more budgeted and modern accommodation. This youth hostel in Kyoto adopts a design of natural wood colour and nostalgic slide doors, which brings guests a first-hand experience of the traditional Japanese culture. Hostel facilities include hot springs, restaurants, self-service kitchen, bike rentals and more. You will also be amazed by the romantic sakura tree right at their entrance. Book now!


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If you unfortunately missed these 8 things, the one and only solution is – plan for your next Japan trip!! B-)