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During Mid-Autumn Festival, as well as playing lanterns, eating mooncakes and gazing the moon, do not forget to play Chinese riddles. Hong Kong Youth Hostels Association 4 designated hostels* celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with hostellers, we prepare riddles during 21 Sep – 25 Sep, so much of guessing the answers of riddles, you may ask hostel staff for more details during check-in! We wish you happy mid-autumn festival.

*Designated hostels include YHA Mei Ho House Youth Hostel, Jockey Club Mt. Davis Youth Hostel (Hong Kong Island), YHA Ngong Ping SG Davis Youth Hostel (Lantau Island), Pak Sha O Youth Hostel (Sai Kung).

Lantern riddles that the riddles were written on the lanterns and displayed during the Festival. People must guess the answer from a word, a poem or a phrase, guessing the riddles are as hard as fighting with a tiger, so that lantern riddles have another name – lantern tigers.

Remember to love our mother earth, do not burn wax!