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PSO Party Room_Web PosterA fun and relaxing holiday begins here!
YHA Pak Sha O Youth Hostel newly presented “Cozy and Chill Themed Room” brings you a memorable staycation experience with all range of games including Darts, Foosball, Novuss and board games. Meanwhile, the nostalgic decor gives you a taste of the glamorous old Hong Kong! Let’s enjoy and have fun with your family here! Room rate is starting from HK$880 (Original price: HK$1,120).

Terms & Condition:

  1. The check-in time is from 4pm to 10pm; while the check-out time is from 9am to 11am the next day.
  2. The Themed Room is capable for a maximum of 4 persons only. For any cases of violation, the hostel will immediately terminate the stay of the guests without any refund. If the hostel suffer any losses or receive any fines from authorized authority as a result, Hong Kong Youth Hostels Association (HKYHA) and the hostel shall reserve the right to claim compensation from the guests.
  3. No eating or drinking is allowed inside the room or dormitory.
  4. No smoking is allowed in any areas of the hostel.
  5. Different decorations and gaming facilities are equipped in the room, guests must follow the guideline and should not move or pull any of them without authorization to prevent accidents or damages. The props and gaming facilities must be used inside each room only and guests should not take them out from the room. Please contact the hostel staff to assist if necessary.
  6. Return all game equipment to reception staff when check out.
  7. In case of causing any damages or losses of the decorations and props, the following compensation fee will be charged:
    •Shoe Cabinet: HK$500 each
    •Wall Tapestry: HK$200 each
    •Lighting Chain: HK$200 each
    •Wall Decoration: HK$200 each
    •Table: HK$200 each
    •Chairs: HK$200 each
    •Other Decorations: HK$100 each
    Gaming Facilities
    •Foosball: HK$6,000 each
    •Novuss: HK$2,000 each
    •Giant Aeroplane Chess: HK$500 each
    •Jenga: HK$500 each
    •Darts: HK$200 each
    •Dice: HK$100 each
    •Other Toys: HK$100 each
  8. Guests are required to take off their shoes before entering the area of foam mat. Guests may put their shoes into the cabinet inside the room.
  9. Guests are required to read and follow this “Point to Note”, otherwise the hostel has the right to refuse or terminate the stay of the guests immediately.
  10. HKYHA has the right to amend any details of this “Point to Note” without prior notice.
  11. HKYHA has the sole and final decision in case of any disputes.