Celebrity Speaker Sharing Session

In each academic term, several celebrity speakers would be invited to share their personal story of growing up in public housing estate and ways to excel in study and career. It is hoped that the students could gain a better understanding of how Hong Kong people conquer the adversity through perseverance, and thus encouraging them to strive for a better future.

The celebrity speakers who joined our sharing sessions include, (in chronological order)

1. Principal of Yuen Kong Kindergarten, Kam Tin, Yuen Long, Ms. Lilian, Lui Lai Hung

2. Executive Director, Hong Kong Institute for Public Administration, Retired Commissioner of Police, HKSAR, Mr. Dick, Lee Ming Kwai, GBS

3. Former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Hong Kong Professor Tsui Lap Chee, GBM, GBS, JP 

4. Former President of the Legislative Council Mr. Jasper Tsang, GBM, GBS,    JP

5. Former Secretary for Civil Service Mr. Paul Tang

6. Then Secretary for Development Mr. Paul Chan

7. Former Secretary for Justice Mr. Rimsky Yuen

8. Historian Dr. Joseph Ting

9. Senior Counsel Mr. Warren Chan Chee Hoi,

10. Former Chinese University of Hong Kong Business School Associate Dean Prof. Dennis Fan,

11. Group Publisher of Sing Tao News Corporation Limited Mr. Siu Sai Wo.