Lesson plans for lower primary students

Chapter 1 Learning about Shek Kip Mei

Key concept: Caring for our community

1. Learning about the buildings and facilities in Shek Kip Mei

2. Understanding the connections between individuals and the community

3. Acquiring basic map-reading skills

4. Being thankful to people serving us in the community

5. Appreciating and loving our community

Unit 2 The stories of Shek Kip Mei

Key concepts: Cooperation and helping each other

1. Exploring the living environment of Shek Kip Mei in the past from old photos

2. Learning the consequences of the Shek Kip Mei Fire

3. Developing creativity in story-writing

4. Developing comprehension and discussion skills

Unit 3 Learning about Mei Ho House

Key concept: Frugality

1. Having a basic understanding of the historical background of Mei Ho House

2. Training of the imagination

3. Enhancing comprehension and discussion skills

4. Understanding that happiness needs not be derived from possessions

5. Cherishing people and things that bring us happiness

6. Being grateful and contented

Unit 4 Shek Kip Mei Residents under Adversity

Key concepts: Wisdom of life. Stay strong under adversity

1. Learning about the living environment of residents at Mei Ho House in the past

2. Training the imagination and creativity through role plays

3. Strengthening comprehension and discussion skills

4. Appreciating the spirit of resilience of people in Hong Kong under adversity

5. Achieving self-encouragement when facing adversity 

Unit 5 Relationship between neighbours

Key concept: Building a harmonious and reciprocal relationship in helping each other

1. Understanding the relationship between neighbours in Shek Kip Mei

2. Acquiring the skills of analysing pictures

3. Developing comprehension and discussion skills

4. Building a harmonious relationship between neighbours and helping each other

5. Considering others’ situations and needs, and offering assistance

6. Encouraging a sense of belonging to the community