Lesson plans for upper primary students

Unit 1 The Shek Kip Mei Fire

Key concepts: Helping each other. Stay strong under adversity

1. Learning about an important historical event in Hong Kong: The Shek Kip Mei Fire

2. Understanding the relief work conducted by the government and the community

3. Having an introduction to oral history

4. Appreciating the spirit of reciprocal helping among the society

5. Learning to stay strong in times of adversity

6. Developing comprehension, discussion, analytical and organizational skills

Unit 2 The Economic and Social Aspects

Key concepts: Industriousness. Family solidarity

1. Understanding the financial ability and living conditions of residents in Shek Kip Mei

2. Comparing and contrasting the economic transformations of Hong Kong

3. Acquiring the skills of analysing old photos

4. Developing the virtue of frugality

5. Training of comprehension, discussion, analytical and organizational skills

Unit 3 A day at Mei Ho House

Key concept: Frugality

1. Learning about the changes of Mei Ho House at different times

2. Understanding the living conditions of residents at Mei Ho House

3. Training of imagination and creativity

4. Having a deeper understanding of oral history

5. Experiencing the reciprocity in love and care between neighbours at Mei Ho House

6. Improving neighbour relations actively

7. Understanding the value of historic buildings

Unit 4 Rooftop Schools

Key concept: Studying diligently

1. Learning about the historical background of rooftop schools

2. Understanding the learning environment of children in the past

3. Appreciating the diligent learning attitude of students in the past

4. Appreciating the teaching passion of teachers

5. Setting goals and plans for ourselves

6. Training of comprehension, discussion, analytical and organizational skills

Unit 5 Childhood Toys

Key concepts: Frugality. Value of life

1. Having an understanding of children’s lives in the past

2. Reusing used materials to make toys

3. Establishing the right values

4. Respecting and appreciating life

5. Cherishing people and things that bring us happiness

6. Training of organisational skills, communication skills and creative abilities