Maintenance work will be carried out during the following periods:

The 1st phase: 15-18 July

The 2nd phase: 5-8 August

The 3rd phase: 19-22 August

The 4th phase: 26-29 August

Please note the followings:

  1. The opening hours will REMAIN UNCHANGED. Public Guided Tour and Group Visit timeslots will be provided as usual.
  2. Some exhibition areas will be CLOSED. Please follow the route maps below and the  indications in the museum.
  3. There will be intermittent noise or stench when the work in progress.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


Work Area

The 1st phase: 15-18 July

Route 1

The 2nd phase: 5-8 August

Route 2

The 3rd phase: 19-22 August

Route 3

The 4th phase: 26-29 August

Route 4